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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

D1 Knoxville Therapy Patient Shares Inspirational Story

D1 Knoxville therapy patient, Ryan Parker, has caught several people's attention with his inspirational story. Ryan, 11 years old, is a rising star athlete in east Tennessee who has conquered foes medically and physically. He is a three-time AAU National Champion tournament wrestler with a season record of 49-0, a running back/defensive end for his youth football team, and earned the title of one of the Top 40 fastest kids in the nation for the 100-yard dash. Ryan has conquered all of this, eventhough he nearly lost his life with a MRSA staph infection in his finger. His finger swelled to double its size during a wrestling practice and he was rushed to the hospital where they diagnosed the infection and began immediate treatment which resulted in surgery on his finger to alleviate the swelling. Ryan has since recovered and has set high goals for himself...he wants to win the Triple Crown in wrestling along with becoming a four-time State Champion in high school. D1 wishes Ryan the best of luck! Click here to read more about Ryan.

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