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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Patrick Junen and Jamie Yates are the D1, Huntsville Hospital Sports Center, and TOC Sports Athletes of the Month

When Patrick Junen enters the doors in to Huntsville High School, this senior has ALL his priorities in order, both in and out of the classroom. Patrick starts on the football field with a love for pushing people around. He’s so good at it, he was named as a member of the All-City and All-Metro Lineman Team. His recognition as a scholar athlete began his sophomore year and hasn’t stopped. Not surprising, Patrick is a three-year letterman for football, but he’s also an accomplished Track star with letters to prove it. Academically, Patrick buckles down and gets to work. He maintains a 3.79 GPA, which keeps him in a sturdy place on the honor-roll and was nominated for a citizenship award at his school. Patrick donates a lot of his time to his church and their community projects by helping the elderly and less fortunate. He also shares his love of football by helping coach the game to young kids. Congratulations, Patrick!

You don’t find too many seniors like Jamie Yates sitting next to you in class. She truly follows the moniker “Do on to others…” at Covenant Christian Academy. It’s hard to believe she finds time for herself with all the time she’s giving. She’s the complete package in the classroom; 4.0 GPA, 31 on her ACT and the two college courses she’s taking while still in high school have netted A’s, as well. She’s a 4.0 in gymnastics…..Make that a perfect “10.” Multiple first, second and third place awards from numerous competitions throughout the entire country are her reward for years of hard work dedicating herself to the sport and to competition. When her focus isn’t on a balance-beam or a book, it’s on her community and how many hours of her time she gives back to her church and those who are in need. Great things wil be expected out of this determined young lady. Congratulations, Jamie!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

D1 Columbus hosted the Dublin Lady LAX Middle School Challenge between Seles Middle School & Karrer Middle School

The Dublin Lady LAX School Challenge consisted of 52 girls, from Seles Middle School & Karrer Middle School, concluding their "hell week" conditioning with a D1 challenge and pizza party. The D1 challenge was a 5 part event,(Tire pull relay, box run relay, tire flip race, tug-a-war, & foot race), and the schools would compete with each other on each event. At the end of the challenge, the losing team had to serve the winning team their pizza! Congrats to D1 columbus for putting on such a great and exciting event! CLICK HERE to check out video from the event.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dylan Parker is Knoxville's Character Athlete of the Month

Dylan Parker is D1 Knoxville's February Character Athlete of the Month. Dylan trains in D1's Rookie Group (Ages 7-11) with Coach Andie. February's Character Athlete Word of the Month is HONOR. Dylan has displayed HONOR both inside and outside of D1. Dylan is very respectful of others. He is also well respected and looked up to by his own peers because of his positive attitude. Not only is he always giving his all to make himself better, but he strives to make those around him better as well. Congratulations to Dylan as he continues to set an example for all of the athletes who train with us at D1!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Alan Jones is D1 Nashville's Character Athlete of the Month

Alan Jones is D1 Nashville's February Character Athlete of the Month. Alan trains in D1's Boot Camp (Adults) with Coach Ryan. February's Character Athlete Word of the Month is HONOR. Alan is competitive in every class and pushes people to thier limits. His motivation and drive are impossible to ignore. Alan never lets another athlete fail, lifting them up and pushing them to complete each and every drill. He truly depicts the meaning of HONOR. Keep up the great training Alan!

D1 Little Rock's Faith Elder finishes 8th in Kids 5k Marathon

Faith Elder trains at D1 Little Rock and recently participated in the Little Rock Kids 5k Marathon. Faith had the fastest time of her age group, and finished 8th out of the 400 female participants! Congratulations Faith on your great achievement and keep training hard!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

D1 Columbus hosts John McCallister Scouting Combine

On Sunday March 21st, D1 Columbus hosted the John McCallister Scouting Combine, and 160 high school juniors and seniors from across the state of Ohio participated in the event. The event started out with a 2 hour instruction on 40yd dash, Pro Shuttle, Bench Press or Med Ball Throw, L Shaped Cone Drill, Vertical and Broad Jump by D1 Coaches. After teaching session, the players had a 20 mintue break, and during the break the players listened to a character talk from Cleveland Browns punter, Dave Zastudil. After the break, the players went through 3 hours of testing on the 40yd dash, Pro Shuttle, Bench Press or Med Ball Throw, L Shaped Cone Drill, Vertical and Broad Jump administered by D1 Coaches.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dylan French is Huntsville's Character Athlete of the Month

Dylan French is D1 Huntsville's Feb. Character Athlete of the Month. Dylan trains in D1's Prep Group (Ages 15-18) with Coach Crystal. February's Character Athlete Word of the Month is HONOR. Every time Dylan comes to D1 he is focused and ready to improve. Dylan came to D1 with the goal of attending West Point Military Academy. He wanted help with the physical test of the application process. He told us his goals, we gave him a plan and he executed without fail. Dylan was accepted to West Point and will continue to train at D1 until he leaves. He will HONOR our country with his service and commitment and he has HONORED us with his work ethic and determination. Congratulations Dylan for being the Athlete of the month and for being accepted to West Point!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

D1 Knoxville becomes sponsor of Jordan and Kira Pierce

D1 Knoxville is proud to call itself the official sponsor of brother and sister track stars Jordan & Kira Pierce. Both Jordan, 13 yrs old, and Kira, 9 yrs old, are amazing athletes and complete on the Junior Olympic track teams for their respective ages. Both are blazing fast and will be proudly wearing their D1 speed suits to each of their national track events throughout the year. Keep your eye out for these two speedsters as their goal is to one day compete in the Olympics!

Alex Rafeld is D1 Columbus's February Character Athlete of the Month

Alex Rafeld is D1 Columbus's February Character Athlete of the Month. Alex trains in D1's Prep Group (Ages 15-18) with Coach Ice. February's Character Athlete Word of the Month is HONOR. Alex is a take charge type of athlete. He is the first one to lead each drill, setting the tempo for the class. He is HONORABLE in how he conducts himself before, during and after class by always arriving early and being mentally and physically prepared. His preparation translates to his personal integrity on the turf. Congratulations Alex and keep up the great training!

Monday, March 22, 2010

D1's Hamilton and Stone Have Big Day at Vandy Pro Day

Ryan Hamilton and Steven Stone barely played for Vanderbilt during the 2009 season due to injuries. On Friday, both made great impressions during their Pro Day after training at D1 for the big opportunity. “You get the right people around you who know what they’re doing, and you take good care of your body and you go through the process correctly, I think it helps,” Hamilton told The City Paper. “That’s what we did.” CLICK HERE to read the story.

Ricky Miller is D1 Chattanooga's Character Athlete of the Month

Ricky Miller is D1 Chattanooga's February Character Athlete of the Month. He's 16 and plays defensive end for Bradley High. Ricky trains in D1's Prep Group (15-18 year olds) with Coach Chris. February's Character Athlete Word of the Month is HONOR. Ricky is one of our hardest workers on the turf and is relentless in the weight room. His dedication to improvement HONORS his coach's desire to see all athletes succeed. Ricky takes pride in making every single workout count. He is one of our most dedicated athletes who continues to show improvement with every repetition. Congratulations Ricky and keep working hard!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Croyle, Ryans and Flowers Train Reporter in Birmingham

Chris Rattey from TideSportsExtra got the D1 experience first-hand at the D1 Experience with Brodie Croyle, DeMeco Ryans and Vonetta Flowers.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

UTC Athletes Prepare for Pro Day at D1 Chattanooga

Several University of Tennessee at Chattanooga athletes are preparing for today's Pro Day. Linebacker Joseph Thornton and wideout Blue Cooper have been training at D1 Chattanooga. "This is show time now," said Thornton to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. "We've put in the work, and now we've got to let it all show."

Tim Tebow Shines After Hard Work at D1

While at D1, Tim Tebow has worked with an assortmant of QB coaches. Check out what coaches Zeke Bratkowski and Noel Mazzone told NFL Network about Tebow's improvement. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nick Bartnicke is D1 Little Rock's Character Athlete of the Month

Nick Bartnicke is D1 Little Rock's February Character Athlete of the Month. Nick trains in D1's Developmental Group (Ages 12 -14) with Coach Ben. February's Character Athlete Word of the Month is HONOR. Nick learns very quickly and prides himself on perfect technique for every lift or drill. He took over his brother's contract and showed what HONOR is by carrying out the commitment that his family had made to D1, which we are very grateful for. Nick is doing all he can to reach his goals at D1. He is taking his game to the next level through consistent attendance and working hard every time he steps on the turf. Congratulations Nick, and keep up the hard work!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

D1 Columbus Training Top Notch Football Talent

Over the last few months, D1 Columbus has seen numerous top NFL and college players come through. Below is a list of some of the guys taking advantage of the D1 Columbus facility.

Nick Moore - St. Louis Rams
Lance Moore - New Orleans Saints
Andrew Hawkins - Montreal Alouettes
Doug Datish - Tennessee Titans
Joey Galloway - Free Agent
Mike Vrabel - Kansas City Chiefs
A.J. Hawk - Green Bay Packers
Bobby Carpenter - Dallas Cowboys
Jay Richardson - Oakland Raiders
Justin Kershaw- Michigan State
Caleb Bostic - Miami (OH)
Taylor Price - Ohio University
B.J. Cunningham - Michigan State
Trevor Harris - Edinboro University

Monday, March 15, 2010

Urijah Faber MMA Seminar at D1 a Success

CBIF hosted the Urijah Faber MMA Seminar held at D1 Columbus this weekend. Two seminars were held and several aspiring mixed martial artists and fitness fanatics had the opportunity to train first hand with the former WEC featherweight champion. In each hour and a half class, Faber covered stand-up striking, grappling and BJJ defense.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Showtime Sports Features Jermain Taylor's Work at D1

You may want to pause the video and let it load for a few seconds before playing.

D1 Knoxville is new sponsor of Knoxvegas Heat Basketball Invitational

D1 Knoxville is now an official sponsor of the 2nd Annual KnoxVegas Heat Basketball Invitational. “The KnoxVegas Heat Basketball Invitational will hold its annual summer event at Thompson-Boiling Arena, Pratt Pavilion and surrounding private and public gymnasiums in the great city of Knoxville, TN April 9th-11th. The 2nd Annual Knox Vegas Heat Invitational will blaze the 2010 basketball traveling circuit by featuring the most elite programs in the country.” D1 Knoxville is very excited to be a part of this great event! CLICK HERE to see the list of sponsors for the event.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

D1 Knoxville relocating to Hardin Valley

D1 Knoxville is relocating from its location off Lexington Drive to Hardin Valley. The new facility is expected to open in June. “First of all, we’re moving because of size. We ran out of space where we’re at right now,” Bruce Nicoara, facility coordinator, said. “And as far as Hardin Valley, it’s an area of growth and we’re looking to move into an area where there’s a possibility to expand,” he added. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.

Zayne Riggins and Jessica Offutt are the Huntsville Hospital Athletes of the Month

Our male Athlete of the Month for February will leave behind a legacy at Madison Academy for others to mirror for years to come. Zayne Riggins and success go hand-in-hand. This young man has been a 3-year varsity letterman, team and defensive captain, and was named to the 3A All-State Team…and that’s just football. Zayne is also a 2-year letterman for varsity basketball and a letterman running on the Mustangs track team. In the classroom, it’s much of the same outstanding accomplishments. He’s been named a Student of Distinction, been named to his school’s Principal’s list, has been an active member of the National Honors Society and even managed to win Homecoming King. In the little spare time he has, Zayne is a Math and Science tutor, a youth leader at his church, and a mentor for younger kids. Congratulations, Zayne!

Jessica Offutt is the kind of student athlete every coach and teacher wants to have on their team and in their classroom. She carries a mind-blowing 4.22 GPA, is a member of the National Honors Society, Beta Club and the Science National Honors Society. All this, while maintaining her strong status on the honor roll. On the field, softball is her game…and she’s very good! Jessica has gathered plenty of accolades playing in numerous tournaments. Her success got her named to the All-State team, the North/South All-Star team and the All-Region softball Team. Off the field and out of the classroom, Jessica is very active in her church as a teacher and volunteer. She also volunteers her time to help underprivileged kids and works with area groups to help the homeless. Congratulations, Jessica!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FoxSports.com Features Crompton's Prep for NFL

<a href="http://msn.foxsports.com/video?vid=9216cfa0-2c4f-4018-a845-6581c302ab60&from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_cp_home" target="_new" title="Q&#39;s2B: Jonathan Crompton">Video: Q&#39;s2B: Jonathan Crompton</a>

Monday, March 8, 2010

Canadian Football League tryouts to be held at D1 Little Rock

D1-Averitt Wellness Center members complete challenge for February's "American Heart Month"

February was “American Heart Month” and D1-Averitt Wellness decided to develop a monthly challenge for their members. Coach David Oaks challenged them to get at least 30 minutes of cardio a day, five days a week. (This is the recommendation of the American Heart Association) D1-Averitt’s members totaled up 19,434 minutes of cardio out of 42 people. Two members together, Pam Ramsey and Dianne Overall totaled up 4,450 minutes! David Oaks and Bruce Nicoara-D1 Knoxville would like to congratulate everyone who participated and to encourage everyone to keep up the hard work!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tim Tebow + Darrell Waltrip = The Great Car Caper

The Orlando Sentinel got to the bottom of the great "Tim Tebow + Darrell Waltrip = The Great Car Caper" story. CLICK HERE for the funny read about how D1 CEO Will Bartholomew ended up taking Darrel Waltrip's vehicle.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carson Newman football players prepare for pro day at D1 Knoxville

Three members of Carson Newman's football team have been training at D1 Knoxville for their upcoming pro day, and these players are: QB Alex Good, RB Buck Wakefield, and DL Brandon Harmon. After another terrific season leading Carson Newman at QB, Alex was named South Atlantic Conference Co-Offensive Player of the Year. Alex achieved this goal by passing for 1,452 yards and also rushing for another 1,002 yards. Wakefield averaged 137.7 yards rushing per game, which ranked 6th nationally, on his way to scoring 21 touchdowns. After missing the first two games, the Eagles went 11-1 with Wakefield in the lineup. Brandon was named 2009 Preseason All-South Atlantic Conference Football First Team DL for the 2009 season. Brandon finished the season with 36 tackles and 1 sack, earning him Second Team All SAC honors. Good luck to all three of these athletes as they prepare for their Pro-day later this month! (Buck Wakefield is pictured to the right)

Veldheer, Graham, Tebow and Others Impress at Combine

D1's Jared Veldheer made quite a name for himself at the Combine with a top-10 score in every category for his position. Many experts are saying he helped himself more than any other player in Indy. D1's Jimmy Graham also had quite a Combine. Graham placed in the top three in four different categories. D1's Tim Tebow tied a combine record for the vertical jump and also impressed in several other drills. D1's Michael Hoomanawanui recorded a top three in bench press for his position and D1's Linval Joseph notched the third highest bench press total for the entire Combine. Great job guys!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Get to know Combine Athlete Taylor Scott

Taylor Scott, DE from Central Arkansas, has been training at D1 Nashville to prepare for his future in the NFL. "My favorite NFL team growing up was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The best player in the draft to me is Ndamukong Suh, DL from Nebraska, because he was the most dominant player at his position and clearly set the bar out of reach. My least favorite college football team is Sam Houston St. The player I would least like to go against in the NFL is Brandon Jacobs, RB from the New York Giants. I believe a team should draft me because I have strong athletic ability complimented by size and strength, but more importantly I have a passion for the game and a drive that constantly pushes me to become better. My favorite thing about Nashville is the friendly environment combined with the unbelievable music and culture."