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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

W1 Featured in Society Life

W1, D1's partner focused on building a wellness community dedicated to helping individuals achieve wellness through a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit, was featured in the recent Society Life magazine. Click here to see more about W1.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kurt Hester Featured in Training Piece

The Tennessean discussed how a slight drop in your 40 yard dash time can drop you in the NFL Draft. Hester cites the examples of two former NFL running backs with 4.7 speed: Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. Click here to check out the whole story.

D1's Biggest Loser Feature Part 1

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Michael Oher Greatly Improves for Pro Day

After the NFL Combine, Michael Oher decided to come to D1 Sports and focus on his Mississippi Pro Day. Well the results are in and it looks like Michael made the right decision and is ready for the NFL Draft. He improved on his 40-yard dash time of 5.32 from the combine, running a 5.24 and 5.16. Michael also recorded a 31-inch vertical jump and 23 bench press lifts — two more than he lifted at the combine. The first thing everyone noted about Michael after this workout is his great footwork, which is very important to be a good pass protector. Great job Michael! Way to make D1 proud!

Jarett Dillard Looks Good at Pro Day

D1's Jarett Dillard showed off his skills at the Rice Pro Day. Here is what NFL.com had to say: he showed very good hands during positional workouts. Dillard posted a 4.50 and a 4.53 in the 40-yard dash, a 40.5-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot, 11-inch broad jump. He stood on the rest of his numbers from the combine.

D1's Jerome Johnson Wows Scouts at Pro Day

Most NFL scouts didn't know much about Jerome Johnson prior to his Pro Day. Now they do! Check out some quotes: "He just wowed everybody," said Johnson's agent, Bardia Ghahremani. "Nobody expected that. A 6-foot, 260-pound fullback who can run a 4.7 (seconds in the 40) is hard to find. He opened some eyes. I'm so proud of him I can't even tell you." New York Giants scout Jerry Shaw said, "People didn't have him on their radar. He worked out pretty well. He ran well for a big guy, and he caught the ball really well." Click here to read the whole story.

Greenville/Spartanburg Bridal Network Starts Blog on D1

After working out at D1 the GSP Bridal Network started blogging. Here is a portion. "This week I started a new workout with D1 Sports Training in Greenville. I decided to recruit my Mom to go with me on this adventure. I must say it's a workout like no other I have ever tried but I loved it." Click here to read more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on D1 Building Progress in Columbus, Ohio

Five D1 Guys Perform Well for Wofford at Pro Day

Five former Wofford football players worked out Tuesday for about 25 NFL scouts at Furman’s pro day. Wide receiver Andy Strickland from Gaffney was joined by former Terriers teammates in tight end Fenn Allen (Concord, N.C.), linebacker Matt Norcia (Libertyville, Ill.) and offensive linemen Derek Wooten (Rock Hill) and Ben Quick (San Diego). Running back Dane Romero (West Chester, Ohio) was not able to participate because of illness. All of the guys have been training at D1 Greenville in preparation for their Pro Day. Good job guys!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Columbus Prepares for D1

Construction crews have broken ground on a new sports training facility on Columbus' far north side. D1 Sports is expected to open later this year on U.S. Route 23, just north of Campus View Boulevard. Matt Toy, spokesman for the Nashville-based company, said D1 plays to athletes of all ages and skill levels. "We consider ourselves the place for the athlete, but we believe everyone's an athlete at some level," he said. Click here to read the whole story.

DeAndre Wright Talks about his Pro Day

Check out what DeAndre Wright had to say about his Pro Day at New Mexico. “I wasn’t satisfied with my 40 time at the combine, so I came out here and ran way better than expected. This is my comfort zone... all my nervousness went out the window.” When asked about the combine, he said, "I had more energy now than at the combine. At the combine we were on our feet for four days straight. As soon as I touched down in Indianapolis, I went straight to the hospital for medical examinations. It was a real stressful process." And here is what he says about NFL teams interested, "So far I have heard from the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and the New England Patriots. The Patriots are actually going to do a private workout with me here next week. I still don’t know which round I'm going or projected. I’m just staying in shape and keeping my weight up until the draft."

Monday, March 23, 2009

D1 Little Rock Makes Big Impact on Coleman

A couple years ago, four-year-old Coleman fractured his femur. Since that time, has been working to get back. Recently he started coming to D1, where Coleman's inner athlete has come out and he is back playing soccer! Good work Coach Josh Landers (Head Physical Therapist), Coach Cedric, Coach Ben and the rest of the LR team. Most of all, congrats Coleman! Way to work hard!

D1's Troy Kropog Sporting D1 Gear at Pro Day

Check out a photo from Troy's Pro Day at Tulane University. Nicely done, Troy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

D1 Knoxville Rookie Wins Championship

Congrats to D1 Knoxville Rookie athlete, Blake Jenkins, who’s plays on Powell’s 10U Basketball team. His team won the Knox county championship. Click here to check it out on the Knoxville News Sentinel. The following week they beat the 10U City Champion as well. Blake is now playing AAU for the Knoxville Mayhem 11U team. D1 Knoxville facility coordinator Bruce Nicoara says, "He’s a great kid, comes from a great family and works his tail off every time he comes to D1." Great job Blake!

Brandon Underwood Gets Pub from Pro Day

SI continues to pump D1's Brandon Underwood. Here is what SI says, "Underwood is the least heralded defensive back from Cincinnati yet proved to be the fastest on pro day. His 40 times were as low as 4.41 seconds and he looked terrific in position drills. The ability to effectively play cornerback or safety sets Underwood apart from many defensive backs in the draft."

Pro Day Goes Well for Brannan Southerland

With quite the media presence at the Georgia Pro Day, D1's Brannan Southerland continued to impress. He did not do any workout drills because he kept his Combine numbers, but he did do positional drills. Brannan said, “I felt like I met just about every team at the combine, but it’s so quick, so every time you get a chance to talk to somebody and meet them again, it can really help you.”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Davis and Maurice Evans Improve at their Pro Day

At the Illinois Pro Day, D1's Will Davis ran a better 40 time than he did in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine, recording 4.83. He also posted a 34 ½ in the vertical, a 9-foot, 10-inch broad jump, a 4.45-second short shuttle and a 7.15-second three-cone drill. He didn’t do the bench press.
Penn State defensive end Maurice Evans who trained at D1 after the Combine, also improved his numbers over the NFL Combine. He ran a 4.7-second 40, shaving three tenths off his Combine time, and increased his bench press total from 17 to 22. “I knew I had the second chance to come out here and kind of erase that thought,” Evans said, “and I think I did that today.”

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

D1's T.J. Lang Impresses Scouts

Check out the what they are saying about T.J. Lang's Pro Day, "Most of the scouts were there to see Lang, who was left out of the NFL combine in Indianapolis. His absence caught the attention of several scouts who wanted to inquire about Lang. One of the teams interested in Lang is the Chicago Bears. General Manager Jerry Angelo scouted Lang while he was at the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game. Lang impressed many with his versatility to play guard and tackle, and even took a few snaps at center." Click here to read the whole story.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

D1's Dunn Captures Triple Jump Crown

Congrats to to Magnolia's Taron Dunn, who won the Triple Jump Event at the Arkansas State Indoor Track and Field Champoinships. Dunn, a senior member of the Magnolia track team had a winning leap of 45, 6 1/2 inches. Dunn trains with Coach John Williams at D1 Little Rock! Way to go Taron!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Join D1's Bracket Challenge

Click here to join.

Catching up with D1 Little Rock Combine Athletes

**Antwain Robinson, DE, Arkansas**
My favorite NFL team growing up was the St. Louis Rams. A player that I would least like going against in the NFL is Jeff Saturday from the Indianapolis Colts. The player that I liked as a kid was Tory Holt. My hidden talent is that I have a lot of knowledge, I’m very intelligent. The things that I like most about D1 are the people, as in coaches, staff, etc.

**Stewart Franks, S, Arkansas-Pine Bluff**
I didn’t have a favorite NFL team growing up. A player that I would least like going against in the NFL is Marvin Harrison from the Indianapolis Colts. The player that I liked as a kid was Deion Sanders. My hidden talent is that I can dance. The things that I like about D1 are the people, as in coaches, staff, etc. They’re great.

**Brison Manor III, OG, Temple**
My favorite NFL team growing up was the Denver Broncos. A player that I would least like going against in the NFL is Albert Haynesworth of the Washington Redskins. The player that I liked as a kid was my Dad, who played in the NFL. My hidden talent is that I can draw and sketch. The things that I like about D1 are the atmosphere and the workout program.

**Kevin Woods, FS, Arkansas**
My favorite NFL team growing up was the Tennessee Titans. I would like to go against anyone in the League. There’s no one I would least like to go against. The player that I liked as a kid was Barry Sanders and Bob Sanders. My hidden talent is that I can do gymnastics and back flips. The things that I like about D1 are the facility itself, and the people.

**John Johnson, FB, Ouachita Baptist**
My favorite NFL team growing up was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A player that I would least like going against in the NFL is Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens. The player that I liked as a kid was Mike Alstott. My hidden talent is that I am a musician. I play drums, keyboard and piano. D1 has great training and great people, everyone is looked at the same way regardless of ability, it’s very fair.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ryan Stanchek and Jeremiah Johnson Perform at Pro Day

Two more D1 Combine athletes now have their Pro Day in the books. West Virginia offensive lineman Ryan Stanchek ran a 5.32 in the 40 and impressed some scouts. Oregon running back Jeremiah Johnson ran a 4.56 in the 40 and continues to show that he wants to be the next Oregon running back to impress in the NFL. Good job guys!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Get to Know Pro Day Athlete Maurice Evans

In his own words with DE Maurice Evans from Penn State. Maurice trained somewhere else for the Combine, but decided he needed to come to D1 to prepare for his Pro Day. "My favorite NFL team growing up was the NY Giants, it was my home team. If you ask me, I say that I am the best player in the draft this year because I am a hell of an athlete. My least favorite college football team has to be Ohio State, our rivals. I would love to go against anybody in the NFL. I want to take on the best. A team should draft me because they are getting a good player, competitor, and excellent leader. Nashville is very quiet and slow paced, and coming from New York, it’s a big difference. So, that has to be my favorite thing about Nashville."

Briscoe Blogs After Pro Day

Click here to read what Josh Briscoe has to say about his recent Pro Day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get to Know Pro Day Athlete Michael Oher

In his own words with OT Michael Oher from Ole Miss. Michael trained somewhere else for the Combine, but decided he needed to come back to D1 to prepare for his Pro Day. "My favorite NFL team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys. They had the “trio” of Irvin, Smith, and Aikman. If you ask me who the best player in the draft is, I say that I am the best player in the draft this year because I have all the tools. My least favorite college football team has to be Mississippi State. A team should draft me because I will help the team win and I am the best player for that team. My favorite thing about Nashville has to be the fact that it’s the Music City."

Lucas Taylor Opens Eyes at Tennessee Pro Day

From Knoxville News Sentinel: The soft-spoken receiver let his workout do the talking.
"I'm real excited," former Tennessee receiver Lucas Taylor said following UT's Pro Day at Neyland-Thompson Sports Center on Wednesday. "I was very nervous. I feel pretty good about my times."
Taylor's nerves didn't show. The 5-foot-11, 189-pounder posted a 4.36-second time in the 40-yard dash, a 36-inch vertical jump and 14 bench-press repetitions of 225 pounds.
"I think he just got himself drafted," said Kurt Hester of D-1 Sports Training. "I'm hoping. He deserves it."
In the seven weeks that Taylor has been working with Hester, the receiver gained 11 pounds while dropping his 40-time an all-important 1/10 of a second, adding seven inches to his vertical jump and increasing his bench press repetitions from two to 14.
"That is by far one of the best athletes I've ever worked with," said Hester, who has trained and consulted with several college football programs.
Taylor began the day on bench press, then ran the 40-yard dash. It was just the start he was looking for.
"Really fired up," Taylor said when asked about the beginning of his day, "When I first came here, my mindset was 4.3 and that's what I did today."
If there was one slight blemish on Taylor's workout, it was a dropped pass that was thrown behind him.
"But I got my hands on it, still supposed to catch it," Taylor said with his trademark smile.
Hester said attitude played a huge role in Taylor's training.
"I don't think there's one person in Knoxville that doesn't like him," Hester said. "He's just a great, great kid."

D1 Guys Shine at Tennessee Pro Day

Check out what the Knoxville News Sentinel has to say about the UT Pro Day: Three other former Vols trained with D-I, which is owned by former UT quarterback Peyton Manning and managed by former UT fullback Will Bartholomew, who is the company's CEO.
D-1 client Josh Briscoe was ecstatic with his 4.39 time in the 40.
"I want a cheeseburger," the receiver exclaimed afterward. "I'm going to get a cheeseburger."
Briscoe said he actually benefitted from an illness earlier this month that cost him seven pounds. When recovered, he ran a 4.36 and decided to stay at his new "running" weight of 181.
Linebacker Ellix Wilson ran a 4.61 in the 40, posted a 32-inch vertical jump and bench pressed 225 pounds for 23 repetitions.
"I'm not ready to give up this football thing so I just hope someone gives me a chance," Wilson said.
Wilson said he's not worried about getting drafted and is willing to prove himself on an NFL practice squad if need be.
"Free agents have come in and done their thing," Wilson said.
Linebacker Adam Myers -White is hoping for the same opportunity and trained for that chance.
"Stopped partying and everything," Myers-White said. "Held everything back. Started focusing."
Myers-White bench pressed 225 pounds 15 times, posted 32 inches on the vertical jump and ran a 4.58 in the 40.
"It's gone and over with. Whatever happens today - calls or no calls (from the NFL) - I know I did the best what I can do. I'm proud of that."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workin' Out with the Pros at D1 Huntsville

D1's Casey Dick, Marcus Monk and Cedric Cobbs have good Pro Day

ESPN's NFL analyst Chris Mortensen said D1's Casey Dick may have been "short-changed." Mortensen said, "I really think Casey throws better than a lot of the guys who were at the combine... It's not a real strong quarterback class." Also, Marcus Monk from last year's D1 Combine class participated in pass skeleton drills. Monk was drafted in the seventh round by Chicago last year and was subsequently cut by the Bears and New York Giants. Monk may garner enough interest for a second chance in the NFL and be invited for team workouts in April. "He got drafted by the Bears and he just wasn't healthy," Mortensen said. "Playing basketball was big for him. I think he's going to get another chance. I think he'll have some teams that will bring him in in April." Mortensen said Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino, who watched Monk run during the workout, said "I wish I had him." Former Hog running backs Cedric Cobbs, who has been training at D1 Little Rock and played for the Patriots and Broncos also participated in the Pro Day, looking to make it back in the league.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NFL.com High on D1 Little Rock's Julius Pruitt

Check out the recap of the Ouachita Baptist College Pro Day by NFL.com. Julius Pruitt trained at D1 Little Rock: The claim to fame for this Arkansas school is DB Cliff Harris. I signed him as an undrafted free agent in 1970 and he wound up being a six-time Pro Bowl selection in his 10-year career with the Cowboys. That was the last time this small school had a prospect — until now. Two teams came to see WR Julius Pruitt, who put up similarly fast times to Guice, running the 40 in 4.42 and 4.40 seconds. He had a 31 1/2-inch vertical, a 9-4 broad jump, a 4.36-second short shuttle and a 7.19-second three-cone drill.

D1's Taj George Surviving on Survivor

D1 Therapy client Taj George is continuing to shine on Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands. Click here to read more. Keep going, Taj!

NFL's Darby and Robinson Training at D1 Huntsville

St. Louis Rams RB Kenneth Darby and Detriot Lions DB Ramzee Robinson were teammates in high school, teammates at Alabama and now are training together at D1 Huntsville during the offseason. Click here to read all about it.

D1's TJ Lang Getting Interest from NFL Teams

Looks like D1's TJ Lang is getting quite a bit of interest around the NFL. Check out what Mlive.com has to say about him. Here is a clip: Lang, who starred at Birmingham Brother Rice High School, trained at a D1 Sports Training facility in Nashville, Tenn., and he has visits scheduled with the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens after Pro Day. Click here to read the whole story.

Monday, March 9, 2009

D1 Member Heading to Afgahnastan with Special Forces

Kristian, who is part of the SWAT Team group that works out at D1 Little Rock, is leaving for Afgahnastan on the 20th of March for 11 months as part of the 20th Special Forces Group. We'll miss you Kristian and can't wait for you to return! Be safe and thanks for your service!

Little Rock SWAT Setting Pace at D1

Don't mess with D1 Little Rock. Some of the guys training at D1 LR are on the LR SWAT Team and some are preparing for the upcoming SWAT tryouts. Joe, Denny, Chance, Kristian, Mike, Keith, Josh, James, Chad, Henry are all regulars of this group and rarely miss - only for qualifications, warrants and such. At a recent qualification, the entire SWAT team had to complete a 1.5 mile run, obstacle course, and another 1.5 mile run. The core group of D1 regulars finished just over 10 minutes faster than the other members of the SWAT team. Chance told D1 LR Head Strength and Speed Coach Adam Settle, "It felt easy compared to what we do at D1. By the time the rest of the team finished we were looking around at each other asking, 'What's next?!'"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

D1's Ramzee Robinson Talks about Teammate Corey Smith

In between workouts at D1 Huntsville, former D1 Combine athlete Ramzee Robinson talked to the Huntsville Times about Detroit Lions teammate Corey Smith. Here is a clip: A lot of days, after workouts at the Detroit Lions' headquarters, Ramzee Robinson would browse the movie aisles at Best Buy and look up and see a familiar face. Click here to read the whole story.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Knoxville Knights Going Through Training Camp at D1

The Knoxville Knights football team spent Day 2 of training camp at D1 sports on Wednesday night. The Knights are ranked number one in the preseason in the Alliance Football League. Good luck guys!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

D1's Maiava Talks about Combine

Check out what D1's Kaluka Maiava had to say about the Combine. Here is an excerpt from the story: Maiava spent most of the last six weeks at the D1 training facility in Franklin, Tenn., as he prepared for the combine with other prospects from Oregon, UCLA, Illinois, and Penn State. Click here to read the whole thing.

D1's Hill Has Impressive Pro Day

D1 tight end Darius Hill had an impressive workout during Ball State's Pro Day. He measured 6-foot-7 and weighed 246 pounds, had a 31-inch vertical leap, a 9-6 broad jump, and ran two 40-yard dashes in 4.75 and 4.74 seconds indoors on a hard surface. His 40 times would have been among the fastest run among tight ends at the combine. Click here to read more of Gil Brandt's column.

Six Wofford Players Prepare for NFL at D1

Read in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal about six Wofford football players preparing for a shot at the NFL at D1 Greenville. Here is an excerpt: While the top college football prospects have their talents on display at the prestigious NFL Combine workouts in Indianapolis, there are countless others in quiet gyms with no pro scouts anywhere in sight. Click here for the full story.

Jay Vines D1 Knoxville February Character Athlete

Jay Vines is D1 Knoxville’s February Character Athlete of the Month. He is an 8th grader at Jefferson Middle School and is a gifted athlete who plays quarterback for the football team and runs middle distrances in track. Jays trains in the D1 Developmental Group (12-14 year olds). D1’s February Word of the Month was HONOR. "Jay's a quiet worker that other athletes view as a good example and is someone they want to be like. He is a great example of honor and is an athlete I would love to have on my team," states his D1 Coach, Brendan "Scoop" Slyman. Great job Jay!

Grace Named D1 Huntsville February Character Athlete

Grace Langhout was D1 Huntsville’s February Character Athlete of the Month. Grace is a junior at Grissom High School, where she pitches and plays outfield on the softball team. Grace trains in the D1 Domination Group (15-18 year olds). D1’s February Word of the Month was ACCOUNTABILITY, one of many positive traits that Grace displays each day according to the D1 staff. Grace is a leader who shows up on time and ready to work each day she is in here. Congratulations Grace on a well-deserved honor!

D1 Member Poses with George Halas Trophy

D1 member Jack Davenport went to the NFC Championship Game this year and attended the Victory Party at the home of Mike Bidwill, President of the AZ Cardinals. Jack is a AAA Bellevue Steeler player who is also a Cardinal fan. His major goal is to play in the NFL and he loves working out at D1 as much as he can! Very cool, Jack!

D1 to Get Involved with Country Music Marathon

D1 has two great ways for you to be involved with the 10th Annual Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. More than 30,000 runners will be coursing through Nashville on Saturday, April 25 and we need your help!

1. Power for A Cure - D1 is supporting this foundation that directly benefits childhood cancer research and families. A group of 100+ runners from Chattanooga will be running the CMM to benefit Colin Sanders' family. CLICK HERE to see a video of Colin's Fight. CLICK HERE to make a donation.

2. Volunteer at the D1 Water Station - D1 will be staffing water station #3 (Belmont Blvd) and more than 100 D1 members/staff are needed to help keep the 30,000 runners hydrated during the race. On race morning all volunteers will hand out water for 3 to 4 hours, beginning at 6 a.m. If you are interested in joining us on race day, CLICK HERE to view and print out a volunteer form. Please note: All volunteers must be at least 14 years old. Once you complete the form, simply turn in to Sarah Dennis (at D1 Nashville) or fax to the attention of Justin Wright at 615.778.2893.

CLICK HERE for more info on the Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D1's Phil and Amy Parham on The 700 Club

Briscoe Keeps Blogging

Click here to read more about Josh Briscoe blogging with GoVolsXtra.com as he prepares for his Pro Day at D1 Knoxville. Here is a clip from the blog:

After last working out on February 20th, I headed down to Birmingham, Alabama to continue my duties as UT Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) President and representative to the SEC SAAC. I had a great time down there talking about legislation and other issues/ideas floating around the SEC and our student athletes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

D1 Knoxville Staff Recognized

Three D1 Knoxville staff members were recently recognized by the company's corporate office for the outstanding service during 2008. Employees

Jamie Michael - Operations Manager of the Year. We'd also like to recognize Jamie for her long-term service to D1. We wish Jamie and her husband, Jason, well on their upcoming move to San Fransisco. You will be missed!
Dunstan Kendrick - Most Improved Coach of the Year
Sam Bazraf - Recruiting Coordinator of the Year

Congratulations Jamie, Dunstan & Sam!

Pablo Alvarez D1 Physical Therapist of the Year

D1 Chattanooga's Pablo Alvarez was recently recognized as D1's '08 Physical Therapist of the Year. Pablo was selected for the award in part to his high-level of dedication and commitment to D1 athletes. Congratulations Pablo!

Corey Remillard Facility Coordinator of the Year

Corey Remillard was recently recognized as D1's 2008 Facility Coordinator of the Year. Corey was selected for the award for his effective day-to-day management of D1 Huntsville, including the staff, operations, community relations and customer service. Congratulations Corey!

Dallas Terrell D1 Coach of the Year

D1 Huntsville's Dallas Terrell was recently recognized as D1's 2008 Coach of the Year. Dallas was selected for the award in part to his high-level of dedication and 100% commitment to D1 athletes. Congratulations Dallas!

Steve Marsh Wins Iron Sharpen Irons Award

Greenville head strength & speed coach, Steve Marsh was recently recognized with D1's '08 Iron Sharpens Iron Award. Steve was selected for the award due to his 100% dedication and commitment to D1 athletes. Steve is the embodiment of D1's Iron Shaprens Iron philosophy of competition makes you stronger. Congratulations Steve on a well-deserved honor!

Monday, March 2, 2009

D1's Alex Hart Wins Punt, Pass & Kick

D1 Knoxville athlete, Alex Hart, participated and won his division in the 5th annual Punt, Pass & Kick Competition for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley on Monday hosted by Partners in Sports. Children from local Boys and Girls clubs between the ages of 8 and 12 competed in the event. The participants were separated by age and gender and then competed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place trophies within each group. Way to go Alex!