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Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Rock SWAT Setting Pace at D1

Don't mess with D1 Little Rock. Some of the guys training at D1 LR are on the LR SWAT Team and some are preparing for the upcoming SWAT tryouts. Joe, Denny, Chance, Kristian, Mike, Keith, Josh, James, Chad, Henry are all regulars of this group and rarely miss - only for qualifications, warrants and such. At a recent qualification, the entire SWAT team had to complete a 1.5 mile run, obstacle course, and another 1.5 mile run. The core group of D1 regulars finished just over 10 minutes faster than the other members of the SWAT team. Chance told D1 LR Head Strength and Speed Coach Adam Settle, "It felt easy compared to what we do at D1. By the time the rest of the team finished we were looking around at each other asking, 'What's next?!'"

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