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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Patrick Junen and Jamie Yates are the D1, Huntsville Hospital Sports Center, and TOC Sports Athletes of the Month

When Patrick Junen enters the doors in to Huntsville High School, this senior has ALL his priorities in order, both in and out of the classroom. Patrick starts on the football field with a love for pushing people around. He’s so good at it, he was named as a member of the All-City and All-Metro Lineman Team. His recognition as a scholar athlete began his sophomore year and hasn’t stopped. Not surprising, Patrick is a three-year letterman for football, but he’s also an accomplished Track star with letters to prove it. Academically, Patrick buckles down and gets to work. He maintains a 3.79 GPA, which keeps him in a sturdy place on the honor-roll and was nominated for a citizenship award at his school. Patrick donates a lot of his time to his church and their community projects by helping the elderly and less fortunate. He also shares his love of football by helping coach the game to young kids. Congratulations, Patrick!

You don’t find too many seniors like Jamie Yates sitting next to you in class. She truly follows the moniker “Do on to others…” at Covenant Christian Academy. It’s hard to believe she finds time for herself with all the time she’s giving. She’s the complete package in the classroom; 4.0 GPA, 31 on her ACT and the two college courses she’s taking while still in high school have netted A’s, as well. She’s a 4.0 in gymnastics…..Make that a perfect “10.” Multiple first, second and third place awards from numerous competitions throughout the entire country are her reward for years of hard work dedicating herself to the sport and to competition. When her focus isn’t on a balance-beam or a book, it’s on her community and how many hours of her time she gives back to her church and those who are in need. Great things wil be expected out of this determined young lady. Congratulations, Jamie!

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