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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NFL Combine Book Featuring D1 Out on Fanhouse

Clay Travis, who worked out with the 2008 D1 Combine Class, has now published online Part 1 of 10 installments of his book on his D1 Combine Prep experience on Fanhouse.com. CLICK HERE to read the first part.

Here is a segment on CEO Will Bartholomew: Bartholomew, a blond-haired, clean-shaven, walking muscle, is smaller now than when he played fullback for the University of Tennessee from 1998-2001. When he takes my hand in May of 2007 as we meet for the first time at the D1 Facility, Bartholomew's grip pulverizes my knuckles. His black shirt hangs tightly across his broad chest. Even his temples appear to have muscles. It is possible he has no fat anywhere on his body.

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