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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tebow Tells Senior Bowl Media He Loves D1

Here is what D1 Combine Athlete Tim Tebow had to say to the Senior Bowl media about his training at D1, "I love it there. They’ve been very supportive and helped me out a lot. ... Just working on a lot of fundamentals, preparation, just learning football, working on football, working on football fundamentals. I feel like my preparation has been really good. I’ve worked extremely hard and feel ready to come in here and have some good practices and hopefully a good game. When I got there, I really felt like I got away. I got away from the hoopla. I got away from everything and to me that was important. When we go to the fields there’s not a lot of people out there. I felt like I can get away and work as hard as I want to and grind and stay focused as much as I want.” Click here for a complete story in the Florida paper.

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