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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

D1 Greenville Mom Seeing Big Results

D1 Greenville athlete, Michelle Macrina, has been a D1 member for nine weeks and has already lost an astounding 27 pounds. Her focus and determination has often brought her to the facility multiple times in a day. She is by all definitions a “D1 Warrior.” When Michelle began her weight-loss journey in late January she explicitly expressed her desire to build and earn her own “Biggest Loser” story. Only nine weeks in and she is on her way. D1 Greenville has not only served as a place for Michelle to blossom, but her children Vincent and Gabby have made a huge splash within our scholastic programs. Though her initial goals have been accomplished, Michelle wasted no time in setting new and higher goals. “I have reached my first goal, and I know that I can and will keep reaching and exceeding all my other goals.” Congratulations Michelle, KEEP WORKING HARD!

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