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Monday, December 8, 2008

D1 Knoxville Announces Inaugural Character Athlete Winner

EFFORT was the word of the month for November at D1 Knoxville and one athlete stood out above all others. His name is Chase Cunningham and he is the first ever recipient of the Character Athlete of the Month Award. Chase began quarterback training in 2005 as a 7 year old and is trainer Dunstan Kendrick's only athlete who has continued his training without taking any time off.

Here is what Dunstan had to say about Chase...
"What separates Chase from the other athletes at D1 is the continuous Effort he brings with him every time he steps onto the turf at D1. Always at least 10 minutes early to his session, Chase's family also deserves a great amount of credit for the amount of Effort they put into helping Chase achieve his dreams. As a result of his continuous Effort, Chase led his youth football team to a perfect 10-0 championship this season."

D1 Congratulates Chase on his EFFORT! Way to go!

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