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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rivers Keeps Hope Alive for the Chargers

A tough season has left the San Diego Chargers with a disappointing 7-8 record, but quarterback Philip Rivers' stellar performance against the Bucs on Sunday will give the Chargers on last shot at the AFC West title. The D1 Huntsville co-owner was 21 of 31 for 287 yards and had a career high 4 touchdowns. Rivers averaged 9.3 yards per pass, completed passes to 7 different receivers, and had 3 different receivers score. The momentum that he contributed to the team allowed them to score the most points of any team on the Bucs in 15 years, and gave the Chargers a 41-24 victory over Tampa Bay. Rivers will take on the Denver Broncos on Dec. 28 in a winner-take-all showdown for the AFC West title.

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