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Friday, September 16, 2011

College Recruiting Tip: Top 5 Back to School Tips

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By this point most of you have started school or are about to start after Labor Day weekend.  More then likely your college recruiting plan or even that the fact that you need one is the last thing on your back school to do list.  With big games and homecoming dances coming up it’s kinda hard to think ahead to playing college sports.  The college recruiting process starts your freshman year and continues through high school, don’t wait until Senior to start thinking about college recruiting.

My Top 5 Back to School College Recruiting Tips!
Number 5 – Set up an Online Calendar
Set up an online calendar like a Google calendar, which you can get for free with an Gmail email address.  Set one up today, for free at Gmail.com.  Once you create your new calendar insert all of your games, practices, gym workouts, dances, tests, family events, etc.  Then go in and block recruiting work, like sending emails to college coaches, around your already busy schedule.  This will increase your chances of doing your recruiting work in a timely manner.  Plus this is great time management practice because once you do get on the college team of your dreams if you don’t know how to manage your school, sport and social life then that will greatly decrease your chances of success on and off the field your freshman year.

Number 4 – Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse
Every athlete that intends to play college sports at the NCAA level needs to register for the NCAA clearinghouse, which can be done at EligibilityCenter.org.  You have to go through this process to prove to the NCAA you are an amateur level athlete.

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