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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Results are in...

The D1 Testing Night event on July 31st allowed for some of our outstanding athletes to showcase their skills in front of a crowd and prove just how effective their training has been. We wanted to take an opportunity to spotlight some of these exceptional participants at each facility:

D1 Nashville

7-11 year olds: Christian Connor- 6’0” broad jump

12-14 year olds: Ryan Dolan- 5.0 second pro agility drill

15-18 year olds: Reuben Coopwood- 4.85 second 40

College: Steve Hendricks- 9 foot broad jump, 15 pull-ups, 4.84 second 40

Executives: Clement Flemming- 4.8 second 40

D1 Knoxville

7-11 year olds: Cole Hilton had a 73" broad jump and ran the 10 yard dash in 1.88 seconds

12-14 year olds: Michael Schoonover did 15 pull-ups and ran a 2.9 second 20

15-18 year olds: Bryson Welch-4.83 second 40

Collegiate and Total Fit: Sean Prickell-300lb bench press, Damien Jolivette 120" broad jump

D1 Chattanooga

7-11 year olds: Andy Wallace ran a 3.4 second 20 and did 6 pull-ups

12-14 year olds: Houston Clements ran a 4.69 second 40 and had a 25.5 inch vertical jump, Reggie Upshaw had a broad jump of 6’11”

15-18 year olds: Michael Carter bench pressed 395 pounds and had a 28 inch vertical jump

D1 Huntsville

7-11 year olds: Logan Storye ran the 20 in 2.9 seconds and Collin Pryzbysz completed 14 pull-ups

12-14 year olds: Jordan Drake had a broad jump of 7 feet 7 inches

15-18 year olds: Terrance Pride ran the 40 at a lightning quick speed of 4.64

Executives: Ray Drake completed the 40 in 4.97 seconds and Ken Oti benched a staggering 395 pounds

D1 Greenville

7-11 year olds: DJ Davis completed 55 Push-Up

12-14 year olds: Caleb Harris had a 6'6" broad jump

15-18 year olds: Bench 310 lbs and 4.66 sec 40 yard dash

Collegiate: Nick Swindler benched 365 pounds

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