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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tracking the 2008 D1 Combine Class

Now that at least one preseason game is in the books, D1 wanted to track the 2008 Combine class.

Jason Jones, the second pick of the Titans, was the only rookie to start in the first preseason game. All-Pro DT Albert Haynesworth heaped praise on the rookie's play.

The second selection of the D1 Combine class showed his skills by catching a touchdown on the Chiefs opening drive. Tight end Brad Cottam has also roomed with All-Pro Tony Gonzalez and is learning a little about work ethic.

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said of third-round pick Craig Stevens, that he is a fast learner.

Center Kory Lichtensteiger made his debut for the Broncos versus the Texans.

Jerome Felton has been solid for the Lions.

Frank Okam is learning to trust himself with the Texans as he looks to break the top eight.

Steve Justice is helping the Colts running game.

And Caleb Campbell... well, there has been a lot said about Caleb Campbell including a story by fellow Combiner Clay Travis. We'll be ready to train him when he gets ready for the NFL again.

Peyton Hillis is still recovering from a left hamstring injury.

People are calling Geoff Schwartz a steal.

Wide reciever Marcus Monk is going to be needed by the Bears to make some big receptions.

J. Leman is fighting for a roster spot.

Tom Santi is still working back from knee surgery.

So far, it looks like the guys are off to a good start. We'll keep you posted.

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