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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A D1 Success Story

D1 is proud of its true success stories. Lisa Hansen, who underwent a total knee replacement in Greenville is exactly that. Due to her surgery and injury to her other knee, Hansen was unable to do much of any movement. So a training program was designed for Hansen that focused on strengthening her core and improving stability. The regime combined circuit and interval training to help strengthen Hansen's muscles and build endurance. As Hansen's balanced improved, the intensity of her workouts increased, as well as her confidence. After three and a half months of training, Hansen lost 35 pounds and is doing great.

"Lisa not only changed the way she looks and feels, but has put her other knee surgery on hold due to her success at D1. She is the perfect example to show that D1 is not just for an athlete, but for everyone," said D1 staffer Haley Rawlinson who has watched this total transformation.

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