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Thursday, October 1, 2009

D1 to host 'The Dr. Oz Show', Eddie George and NFL Moms

"The Dr. Oz Show" features 20 moms of NFL players who are facing off to get fit in "Dr. Oz's Ultimate Health Challenge." The moms will be competing on Sunday at D1 for a segment to be aired later this season. The teams are coached by former Tennessee Titans running back and Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George and his wife Taj, of "Survivor" fame.
Deborah Johnson - Son: Jay Richardson - Oakland Raiders
Tammy Davis - Son: Brandon Williams - Pittsburgh Steelers
Sherri Clements - Son: Shaun Phillips - San Diego Chargers
Terri Terrell - Son: Laurence Maroney - New England Patriots
Therese Mangold - Son: Nick Mangold - New York Jets
Mary Gallery - Son: Robert Gallery - Oakland Raiders
Karen Barber - Son: Dominique Barber - Houston Texans
Laverne Suggs - Son: Terrell Suggs - Baltimore Ravens
Donna George - Son: Eddie George - Tennessee Titans (Retired)
Jackie Posluszny - Son: Paul Posluszny - Buffalo Bills
Char McNabb - Son: Donovan McNabb - Philadelphia Eagles
Pauline Sharper - Son: Darren Sharper - New Orleans Saints
Jackie Randle El - Son: Antwaan Randle El - Washington Redskins
Michelle Green - Son: Bryant McKinnie - Minnesota Vikings
Diane Wells - Son: Reggie Wells - Arizona Cardinals
Constance Davis - Son: Anthony Adams - Chicago Bears
Gayle Jackson - Son: DeSean Jackson - Philadelphia Eagles
Venita Gyimah - Son: Ken Hamlin - Dallas Cowboys
Sheila Davis - Son: Danny Clark - New York Giants
Sue Warner - Son: Kurt Warner - Arizona Cardinals

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