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Friday, October 5, 2012

Success Story from Two Ladies Seeing Results

Great story from David at the D1 Boot Camp Diaries. Here it is:

I interviewed Betsy and Margaret last week as they hit the three-and-a-half month-mark. They’ve described themselves as suburban moms (and a dad). Five friends started at the same time, including one married couple, on a special promotion and stuck with it through a membership.

I wanted them to tell their stories for a few reasons:
•They were intimidated - scared, even - when they started. They started a slow, fought through the challenges, and they’ve improved every day. Now they talk about being “addicted.” The progression definitely reminded me of my experience.
•They’ve embraced the group fitness dynamic. Joining as a group of five kept each person accountable. They don’t all come at the same days or times, but they’re usually at D1 in pairs or threes. At the same time, they’re always communicating: Challenging each other, giving encouragement, trading stories. It’s been an integral part of their experience.
•They had unexpected, impactful breakthroughs. Like many of us at the start, they fought through every day maybe seeing incremental results. But they didn’t see the big picture until “light bulb” moments where everything came together. Margaret had a spontaneous conversation with her daughter, and Betsy conquered a workout.

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