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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jeff Brown competing in World Track and Field Championships

August 7th, Jeff will be in Lahti, Finland competing at the World Track and Field Championships (this championship happens every two years). He will be competing in the 50-54 year age group and against the top 26 athletes from around the world in the Throws Pentathlon. The Throws Pentathlon consists of 5 events: discus, javelin, hammer, shot put, and 25 lb weight throw. Each throw is given points based on the distance. For example: a javelin throw of 140 feet might receive 500 points or a throw of 150 feet might receive 650 points. The farther the throw, the more points scored. After all 5 events are completed, the points from each event are totaled and the athlete with the most point wins gold, second most points wins silver, and so on. Good Luck to Jeff as he represents the U.S.A!

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