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Monday, January 26, 2009

Get to Know Combine Athlete Jeremiah Johnson

In his own words with RB, Jeremiah Johnson from the University of Oregon. Jeremiah is working out in the D1 Combine Class."My favorite NFL team growing up was the Green Bay Packers. My whole family loved them because of Brett Favre. If you ask me, I believe I am the best player in the draft. I fit a lot of schemes and can catch out the back field. I bring a lot to the table. My least favorite college football team has to be Oregon State, our rivals. In the NFL, I want the challenge of facing anybody. I want the competition. A team should draft me because I fit a lot of schemes, I can block and open up the run game. I’m smart, I can recognize a defense, and can catch out the backfield. My favorite thing about Nashville has to be D1 and the people; you don’t have to be family or friends to say hi to someone."

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