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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get to Know Combine Athlete Ryan Stanchek

In his own words with OT, Ryan Stanchek from West Virginia University. Ryan is working out in the D1 Combine Class.

"My favorite NFL team growing up was the Cincinnati Bengals, it was my home team. I don’t know who is the best player in the draft is this year. There are so many elite players it is very hard to pick one. My least favorite college football team has to be Pittsburgh. A player that I would least like to go against in the NFL has to be Dwight Freeney. I watch him on tape a lot and he has great speed, he’s very fast. A team should draft me because I have great work ethic, and I just love the game of football. My favorite thing about Nashville has to be D1. Also Nashville is a real clean great town, the people here are really nice."

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