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Thursday, January 15, 2009

D1 Little Rock Develops Real Champs

D1 Little Rock has the privilege of putting several dedicated athletes with the LC Sports Management Agency through its intensive combine training. These guys have been coming in to take their competitive skill to the next level:
Cedric Cobbs, RB - previously played for the University of Arkansas as well as the Patriots and Broncos
Julius Pruitt, WR- Ouichata Baptist University
Jeremy Ashcroft, OL - Arkansas Tech
John Johnson, RB - Ouichata Baptist University
Josh Briscoe, WR - University of Tennessee
Kevin Woods, SS - University of Arkansas
Ken Johnson, QB - Concordia College

D1 wishes all of these guys the best of luck with their training!

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Anonymous said...

Could you please turn down the bass on your sound system? I tis disreuptive to the neighborhood behind your gym. Worry about the people training too. They will probably need hearing aids from the damage caused to their ears!