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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tri Life Challenge Results are Looking Good

Averitt/D1 Corporate Wellness Center just finished their third Tri-Life Challenge. This was a weight loss and total inches lost competition. They started with 30 competitors and finished with 15. As a group, Averitt lost a total of 127.2 pounds and 149.5 inches in 12 weeks. The challengers had to complete weekly physical challenges and keep up with food log. The winners were Laura Beaty (in blue) who lost the most percent body weight. Laura lost 11.37% body weight, 16.8 pounds, and a total of 20.25 inches. Amy Bowman (in brown) was the winner in the most inches lost category. Amy lost a total of 24 inches, 12.4 pounds loss, and 5.39% of her body weight. These ladies, and every competitor, worked very hard. They have learned that it is a “life style” change not just some “magical pill” that you can take. Great Job Averitt!

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